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Ourdomainnames.com is an initiative of Limbeek Marketing. Owner Robbert Limbeek started actively buying and selling domain names in 2023. He has been involved in online marketing since 2008, initially in the form of affiliate marketing, and nowadays search engine optimization and lead generation are his core business. So, he is no stranger to buying domain names.

Just a short trip down memory lane: In 2008, when I first started in Affiliate Marketing with the Build A Niche Store (BANS) website in the USA, one of the requirements was finding a good domain name. I spent countless hours searching for domain names that were suitable for my end goal. Because I see opportunities everywhere, I couldn’t pass up certain good/nice/interesting domain names. Before I knew it, I had a large portfolio of domain names. It didn’t take long before I sold the first domain names through Godaddy Market. From the top of my head, I sold www.bidcow.com for 75 GBP. And a year later, www.pornshoes.com sold for $410. Not bad for domain names that I initially bought for $10 each!

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The first experience of selling a domain name above $1000 was in 2012 when someone asked if the domain name www.mamasworld.com was also for sale. Immediately after the request, I looked into gathering more information about the potential buyer. I didn’t have a fixed price in mind and quoted $8000 as the selling price. After some back and forth emails, we settled on $5000. A great price for this domain name!

Robbert had been considering setting up a website where he could offer domain names for sale for a while. Ourdomainnames.com has become a great collection of domain names in various extensions. There are a few premium domain names available for purchase.

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